Tommaso Boschini

Surveyor & Interior Design

Who I am

Tommaso Boschini

Surveyor & Interior Design


TOMMASO BOSCHINI is a serious and precise professional, over the years he has had the opportunity to experiment with many different styles and to try his hand at projects all different from each other.

His style is made up of spaces and organization and he is able to optimize any type of environment, from the largest to the smallest. In each of his projects, the attention to detail is obsessive and, thanks to his rendering skills, he manages to give the client a taste of what the project will be like once finished.


Tommaso Boschini

Surveyor & Interior Design

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Residential design, design of commercial spaces, industrial areas, interior and exterior design, materials and lighting design studio

Survey, Works management, Technical and appraisal and sale reports, Cadastral practices

Drafting of technical notes and documentation for notarial deeds, Real Estate Estimates, Docfa, Energy performance certificate, Access to documents



Drafting of Energy Performance Certificate (APE) for deeds of sale, lease agreement, etc.

Realistic 3d modeling and rendering service in order to preview the renovated apartment.


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